Convention 2016


Great to read that Fish plans a Convention in late 2016 as he mentioned on Facebook!

“The writing sessions for ‘Weltschmerz’ i had planned for September and October got lost in the work overload and I made the decision to cut out all touring options next year and concentrate on the new album.This means that ‘Weltschmerz’ will not be out until early 2017. This also means the dates in November and December this year will be my last shows for a while with the only potential stage appearances fan club conventions very late 2016 to preview the new material.”


I hope it’s Leamington again, such happy memories.



…More descriptive? How?


is it the title of the next album???




World pain


Is he going to sing in German?


I hope so! :wink:
But at the end only some words :slight_smile: !


No please!

Manchmal is enough…


I think it fits in the lyrics of “High Wood” :wink: .


Please, please, please not in October 2016!


…Why Ulli?


We are looking forward to our next USA trip (east coast). First three weeks in October 2016.


The Maestro about touring:


Ah the best news of the week :grey_exclamation:
Hope to see all of you there :smile:


Does anyone Know of Fish still planning a Convention at the end of the year ???


He’s said on Facebook yesterday that after the next bunch of dates, that there will be no more shows for at least a year, whether the convention is classed as shows I don’t know?


2017 - 30th anniversary of Clutching At Straws the last album with Marillion his last live show ???


Nice sentimental thought there mate, but he still has his last album to finish and promote too, so probably not.


Even when he has ‘quit’ the music scene, I’d like to think he would pull out the odd show or Convention now and again. - That’s just wishful thinking though. :grin:


There’s a interview with Fish in the latest Iron Maiden fan club magazine, saying that he’s now looking at 2018 to call it a day, but might resurrect the 3-piece fisheads club from time to time.
I’ll try to scan it and post it on here. Looks like he was interviewed Novemberish but it’s only just been sent out today.