Farewell to Childhood merch


Merch now available to pre order from the shop :smiley::+1:





Just one thing though:the last one is for girls…too bad:I love the sober side of it and the design

Maybe one like this for men ?



Very impressive as always Sandy .
Probably next to Maiden, I think Fish has the best merch designs available . Now where’s my wallet :wink:


Good merch. Shame the 1st design isn’t in something lighter than black. White or grey ???

Obviously you can’t please everyone but i’ve had my fill of black t shirts in over 30 years of attending gigs.


I must admit the tees would look good in white as well. But I do like my black .


I’ve ordered the black Farewell t shirt for now :wink:


Like both the Blue and The Black Top 2 Tees, will hold fire on the others to see them in the real so to speak.


Nice selection there…no doubt I’ll be ordering summit!


To go with your Simon Le Bon thong ???


Absolutely Steve…gotta keep the standards up!new Duran album out in sept co produced by Nile Rodgers…I’ll send u a copy.


Hot off the press, back print on the navy blue shirt


Nice work Sandy. I bet you could sell a shed load in the original white.


Yeah been wondering that myself if Fish isn’t missing a Trick there, White would be Awesome in the New Designs and as close to an Original we would get.


I do like a white t shirt, last years tree design is one of my favourites.


me too :wink:



Coming to the http://shop.fishheads.club/ shop soon, canvas tote bag with “Farewell to Childhood” logo


Now available in the Fishheads shop
http://shop.fishheads.club/product-category/accessories/ :smiley::+1:


Ordered :slight_smile:


And posted out to you yesterday Rab :+1: