Favourite Song Of The Week!


One from the left field here - Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson etc.

Just about to set up a new iTunes selection and this will be one to source over the next week or so.

Most of the other tunes will be sorted from a very mixed selection of albums collected from the last 40 + years of being a music fan (which includes around 20 odd years as a music journo).


Shallow - Porcupine Tree


Do nothing till you hear from me - The Mute Gods


bedshaped - Keane



School - Supertramp
I was listening to this on the way home from work today and is it just me or do you think Steve Rothery had any inspiration for the Kayleigh guitar intro from this song ???


Neil Young - Natural Beauty



power - Marillion



Only got “Late For The Sky” at Christmas. On 1st listen to the album this song stopped me in my tracks. When I hooked into the lyric it fitted a particular situation going on at the time. The metaphor is sad and beautiful all at the same time. I was struck by this song again today and did a little search to try and find out what the song was about. As well as making my own sense of the lyric, the actual story behind the lyric is quite striking. Simply wonderful.


It’s honestly one of my favourites Lawrie. I take it as meaning trying to make sense of the loss of someone you care about. Literally, as it was written, the death of one of his close friends, but metaphorically it could be any kind of loss personal to you.


This resonate. I don’t know if this translation is good (there are different translations found on internet): http://lyrics.wikia.com/wiki/Runrig:Pog_Aon_Oidhche_Earraich


Yeah, Paul. I came across the narrative of a talk Jackson Browne gave to a group of students around about 2002. In this he talked at length about For A Dancer and how his very talented friend had died in a house fire.This coupled with the realisation that ultimately we will all eventually dance alone makes for a powerful lyric.


easter - Marillion



A Wonderful Life - Brian Fallon


Walk In The Shadows - Queensryche


waiting phase 1 & 2 - Porcupine Tree



Cliché - Fish

…closely followed by Seasons End - Marillion


I’ve got Steve to thank for this.
Every once in a while you hear a song that stops you in your tracks, this happened to me this morning whilst checking out an album by Black Mountain. :smiley:

It’s called Space To Bakersfield, so ambient and atmospheric sounding.

I just wish I could share it with you, but unfortunately there is nothing on youtube as yet.


I picked up on Black Mountain around 2008 when they played Glastonbury. Me and my mate crashed out in the sun with some beers. At the time had no idea who the band on stage were but they played some chilled, pshycedelic music where tracks seemed to merge and last forever, and i was instantly hooked. They could ‘rock out’ equally as good when they wanted as well.

Found out they were Black Mountain and bought ‘In The Future’ which has been a huge favourite of mine ever since. I’ve got all 4 albums, liking them all, though less so their debut.

They’re playing some UK shows to promote the new album ‘IV’ next week (Brighton, London and Leeds).


three minute boy - Marillion