Fish - le ziquodrome - Compiègne 15/11/14


same question for Compiègne but I bet that there will be less people from here in this french town to see Fish :wink:
but who knows ? :smile:



This is do-able.

A Saturday AND closer than Paris. Maybe a few of us could all bundle over in my people carrier? :car:


Mrs Moston and myself will be there :slight_smile: A mere 90 mins from the Somme - I’d be stupid not to.





make sure you introduce yourself ‘bro’ !


no problem :wink:



How are you planning to get there, Simon?


Maybe we’re going to be more than I thought:great!



John - we’re driving down the day before - staying at my usual Somme B&B - our host will be joining us for the gig :slight_smile:


That “might” work. I’ll have to ask the boss. Hope she’s in a good mood :smile:


Our car will be full - otherwise I’d offer you a lift !


Don’t you have a roof rack? :laughing:


the countdown has begun: D - 28 days :smiley:



63 days myself . . . Won’t come soon enough !!!


D - 21… :smile:



It’s been nearly a year since my last Fish gig so I’m really looking forward to this.

In fact it’s my first foreign gig !!!

I think I’m getting something wrong though - I’m seeing Fish singing in English in France - then 2 weeks later seeing Lazuli singing in French in England.


D - 14 :thumbsup:



ok…the final countdown:D - 7 :smiley:



Hope Fish will recover very fast… :wink:



I’m sure that he’ll be fine with some rest.