Fish O2 ABC Glasgow 21 Dec


Plane takes off at 9.30 if on time so should be up late morning, will pop into Hard Rock Cafe for a t shirt, then will meet up will be with Julian


2 :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping_accommodation: to go :sunglasses:


1 :sleeping: :sleeping_accommodation: to go :sunglasses:


Still problems with Virgin trains getting home, so we have been advised to catch an earlier one. :angry:


So looking forward to this…!
Chaos here we come​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Are Virgin striking now?!


Enjoy your last sleep, and the concert tomorrow, my friends !


Nothing seems to have changed to the service that was causing disruption at the Manchester gig, not sure if they are striking just the service is limited.
The story of life :roll_eyes:


You might be lucky like me when we were in Manchester and be able to jump on any service even with pre-booked tickets for a particular operator.:slight_smile:
The most important thing is being in Sauchiehall Street at the appropriate time tomorrow evening. See you soon mate.:grinning:


That’s the plan :wink::beers::santa:


Sorry to be repetitive but if anyone happens to have or know of a spare ticket for Glasgow please let me know - desperate for one last Fish gig this year :grinning:


Must admit, it’s been solely Arriva strikes that had been affecting me. Hadn’t thought about other companies, but it’s just been on BBC News, about upcoming rail strikes in the guards dispute. Through January by the sound of it.


It’s a pain in the arse to be honest.


Any idea what time Fish and the guys will be on stage in Glasgow?


Doors 6.30 pm
Curfew 10.00 pm


F**K footy this is my focus now and I can’t bloody wait.
Early start tomorrow train is at 7.30am. :steam_locomotive::+1::beers::guitar:


Wish I was going. :frowning2: Pissed off.


Glasgow here we come :beers::guitar::+1::wink:


Time To go Fishing :wink:


Hey guys I got 2 tix for tonight’s gig at the ABC for sale!!

Anyone interested?