Fish songs at a Wedding?


I’m getting married next May. My bride to be is not a fan of my music tastes, but I’m slowly trying to introduce her, and I’m also taking her to Manchester on the 9th December. She has kindly given me permission to have a couple of Fish/Marillion songs at the wedding. :slight_smile:

For obvious reasons, I want to stay away from anything that’s thematically too heavy (about break-ups, politics and the like). I was wondering what everyone here might suggest?



Congratulations! - Punch and Judy.

…No, seriously, I’d probably go with Cliché.


Thanks! Er, probably best to give Punch and Judy a miss I think. :confounded:

Cliché is a good suggestion though!


A gentleman’s excuse me is inoffensive


Read her the lyric to Cliché at the altar followed by playing Lavender for your first dance.:wink:


Surely it has to be The Company with compulsary highland twirls!