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All sounds promising and positive. Like the sound of his next album concept focusing on individual stories, rather than make huge political statements. Should make for a more personal experience.

Also sounds like he has no intention of shifting those UK dates, which I’m very happy about!


I had better get somewhere booked for the Manchester gig, has anyone booked accommodation yet ?


Hotel Sleeping Bag


I have already booked an accommodation in Manchester :wink: .


How big is it ? :wink:


A Classic Twin Room :smiley:


Two park benches pushed together?


not yet…probably at the early beginning of March



Would be nice to know where you guys are staying when you’ve booked :slight_smile:
If I have the opportunity I’d rather book something close to some of you so I don’t have to walk back to my hotel on my own :slight_smile:


Not booked yet. I have to think about this !


Pendulum Hotel for one night in Manchester.
Park inn Hotel 21st to 23rd December in Glasgow


is it far from the venue ?



A ten minutes walk.


Do you know if they can refund on cancellation Ulli?
If you don’t I’ll check with them but just in case you saw when you booked?


I have booked it without cancellation. But it was possible to check this option. That needs some more Euros :wink: .


just another question Ulli:how much does it cost ?



Anthony, I have checked it on one hour ago. There were no rooms left for the night 9th to 10th December. We have paid more the 100,- € for a double room.


Anthony the other option is to book out of the town centre and get a taxi. There will be lots of cheaper rooms.


I find it so hard to believe that there are no rooms left on those dates.