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Had a pair of those years ago. Wore them until they were falling off my feet. Liked them so much that i had to buy another pair, though it took a while to find a pair as colours change all the time.

I used to have similar ones (bright blue with yellow stripes) which i’ve never been able to replace but would love another pair if i could find them, as they match my football teams colours.






It’s a 5L fake one !



available now in France…a new limited edition called “Legacy 2” and now at home with the others



Have you ever been to visit the distillery in Lynchburg @brother95 ?


Yes I have…in 2015 :wink:



Was it a great experience from your point of view as someone who works for the brand?


I guess it is one my interests since I am quite fond of linguistics!

New learnt word of the day…Guesstimate :grin:


That’s not a real word is it?


According to google, yes.


to be totally honnest,I was a little divided…of course it was impressive and interesting but I found the place kind of “fake” as if I was in Dysneyland.I didn’t see the bottling line for example(as if it was a secret or something or as if it was not bottled there)…I saw the charcoal inside which the Jack is filtred and the maceration tanks,plus the alembics etc…
Lynchburgh is a very small town,typical of the south of the US (lots of cars and houses with the flag of the confederate states on them).I don’t know if you know this but it is completely forbidden to drink alcohol in this town…no bars are allowed to sell alcohol…funny when you think that Jack Daniel’s is probably the most selling whisky in the world !

however,Lynchburgh is surrounded by beautiful meadows as far as the eye can see and there are almost 80 wharehouses in which thousands of barrels are stored…but they are very discreet and you can barely see them…

I loved this trip in but I would have loved to see a little more of the home of the Jack !



Usually used by somebody who doesn’t have a clue and wants to BS an answer by claiming it is a “guesstimate” … that’s my experience with people using it!


BS meaning what, bullshit?


I guess they must have lots of touristic interest? I can imagine how it can spoil the place. But it’s nice you’ve been able to go. I think now I remember you posting some pictures on here!!


Yes I did :wink:




Exactly that.


Well if Americans made it up, it’s certainly not English.


Brought back from the office yesterday (not available in France)



Don’t they drink cider in France?


Yes we do but a real one :blush: