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In the mailbox today

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Proof


A new one in the collection… A Canadian Single Malt with delicate and subtle notes of chocolate

A new one

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Plus…The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 35cl

And the Family…From 5cl to 100cl



New addition to my trainers family


Great colorway !

After the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Proof

Here is the Woodford Reserve Master Collection called Very Fine Rare Bourbon N°16 serie

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Also bought some Jordans lately

the Air Jordan 7 retro Flint

The Air Jordan 5 Oreo

A little bit of French interest maybe for Marie &Zaz
1759 Royal Louis - Heller
This is the kit I have been working on for the last 8 months, I have heavily improvised it regards to parts and material, it should be finished by the end of the month.


Gift from a friend

From the Arran Distillery

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After 8 Months of loving this build, heavily improvising and pushing my capabilities, my 1759 ROYAL LOUIS - HELLER 1/200 is FINISHED.

5 months of building the kit and rigging her up and 3 months to Hand sewn 20 sails and add reef lines, Bowlines and Braces, I can honestly say I feel burnt out, strained but very happy.

It may not be perfect or historically accurate but I have pushed my own capabilities to the max, I still have a lot to perfect and learn, if I can.

But for now I can sit bk and enjoy her as I hope some of you will.

All the best and #staysafe
Rob :+1::person_fencing::person_fencing::person_fencing::anchor::anchor::anchor:


Beautiful Rab. What are the dimensions roughly? It looks big.

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This is roughly a smaller scale kit.
The Dimensions are as follows:

Length 50cm (Stern to tip of Bowsprit mast)
Height 46cm (including stand)
Width 21cm ( at widest point which is the Main mast Topsail yard)

Heller Scale is 1/200.

There is only 1 other Company that I know of that makes a Replica of this ship and that is Mamoli (Wooden kit) scale 1:90 which is considerably larger(double the size) and considerably a lot more money to buy if you can manage to find the kit which is quite scarce too.


Fantastic Rab. That’s a real piece of work! :+1:

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Amazing…great work Rab !

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Thanks Guys n gals much appreciated :beers::beers::+1:

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The new one

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Bought myself a pretty decent 61-key keyboard the other week. I’m not a natural by any stretch of the imagination, but slowly learning the basics and chords.

Just spent the last few hours learning the keyboard parts from Van Halen’s Jump. :laughing:


The new one