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It’s nicer than the World Cup!












Especially made to support the GI’s during the Vietnam war





The new gift box of the JD Single Barrel released for the father’s day in France



That collection must be worth some money ?


yes it does but…most of the items and bottles were free of charge…some are prices of internal challenges and some are paid by my company as bottle allowance (300€ per year)…and some items are simply gifts given during some meetings or conventions :wink:



Even better. Worth a lot of money, and you haven’t had to pay to get the collection.

:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: :grin:


Great! That’s a bigger collection than I realised from previous photos. Must amount to quite a lot of money.


Very impressed Anthony.
Now where is my swag bag :wink:


there are more bottles and items…it was just the beginning :blush:

and other whiskies than JD btw :wink:



Purchase of the day



Jack’s Collection

Glass Lynchburg

a can Jack n Coke

A Back Bar

The same with the 5cl Bottles (the Single Barrel and the Gentleman Jack are very rare)

The 150 year Distillery anniversary box

the Lynchburg Box

A shaker

the 5cl Honey Bottle (Pack)

the 5cl Fire Botlle (Pack)

the NEW 5cl Rye Bottle (Pack)

Homemade :blush:

to be continued…



Was all of this acquired while working for JD, or did you collect some of it before then?


first part of your question Paul :wink:



Not exactly a hobby or a collection but i just realised how many pairs of Adidas trainers i have on the go at the moment.