How to quote a message in a reply


Doh I replied to Arcade but it didn’t quote his post.


How do you quote? Not sure.


@Arcade just highlight the text with the mouse and then tap the quote link that appears.


Well I’m on my iPad but I’ll give it a go! :wink:


If the quote button doesn’t appear (because you’re on a mobile device), select the text, and then press the reply link to the right of the message. :thumbsup:


Aha! :smiley: I was wondering that too…


it works :laughing:


not sure about the laughing smiley though… :expressionless:


Would like it better if I could quote from my android phone, as what John suggested doesn’t seem to work :confused:


What browser are you using, @Andyboy67?


Chrome, John . I access the forum through my Samsung S4 phone via my email (Hotmail) .


John . . . . JOHN!!! where are you John ??? I was waiting for a reply :wink::persevere:


I haven’t forgotten you Andy. Just need to remember to charge up my Android phone :smile:


Seems to work for me. Using the Chrome browser on an Ascend P7. Select the text and then a quote button appears just above the selection. Do you see anything at all?


Bingo . Thanks John :smiley:


For some reason it doesn’t work on my phone anymore :rage:


The quote symbol still doesn’t appear on my phone as it used to John, even tho I’ve enabled it in my settings ???!!!


It’s changed a bit in the recent up. Now, just select the text and press ‘reply’ on mobile.

Does the same job.

Didn’t we talk about this in the pub? :wink:


Yeah but I’d had a few shandies by then !!! :grin::grin: