Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


The place must be used as a club for a younger clientele I`d imagine. Given we are not in that bracket will have to make do with cocoa and slippers for 22:30.:wink:


Well I only hope we break the feckin springy dance floor for em’. Excessive jumping on the Last Straw I think.


Spoons will be open til 1am :beers:


My wallet shuts at 11.


Jeezo. I hope you`re kidding? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He ain’t, what he failed to put is AM :wink::rofl:


I’ve never lived it down I didn’t pay for any beers in Warrington. Offered in Lemmers and they were all too pissed to want one!


You bought me a pint in Lemmers mate , much appreciated and I’ll never forget that.
Maybe cus it was such a rare occurrence :wink:


Did I? Can’t remember. Does that mean we’re even? :wink:


Yes it does , you just owe Rab now :wink:


I know. He was too green in Lemmers to accept one. His drinks trolley was barren.


Wetherspoons and a Macs nearby this would be perfect to meet up ? Also close to the venue :+1::beers::guitar::wink:


Big help that Andy, apart from the Macs bit. :wink:


There’s the ‘Home’ complex ( just over the road from the O2 Ritz. Nice cafe / bar space in the cinema / theatre complex itself, and some interesting bars (Gasworks Brew Bar, a Tequila bar, etc) opposite (where Q-Park is marked). Also a Pizza Express on the corner…no shortage of eateries and drinkeries…


is anyone aware of a particular policy of security in the venue ?..can we bring bags like backpack ?
Fish has mentioned in one of his post that we have to pay attention to this…



Yes. I wonder if I can bring my camera in the venue…
I’ll have it with me during the day, and probably won’t go back at the hotel before the gig. For this reason, I wonder if I’ll take it with me during the day, or not.


I’d look on the website Anthony, it’s been pretty tight, the security for gigs I’ve been to in recent weeks.


I’m not tempting fate but for Manchester to be dry is a pretty rare occurrence :wink:


what is a laptop size ?



? Are you working from the gig Anthony?
Have a night off :wink: