Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


I’m gutted. Missed them already when they were announced and had to drop from the gig in Bilston :frowning:


I know they were really good live, very original.


Are you coming to Manchester, any news on the job front ?


No news on the job front yet.
I’m still hoping to come in december.
Can’t see any further than september right now :neutral_face:


Poor Doris. Already on the back-foot because everyone wanted the other support act! :cry:


I’m sure she’ll be fine with a few beers on board, it’s just Lazuli are an excellent experience to see live .


What, you’ll be advising her to get pissed?


I’d have a beer with her yes :wink:


So who’s the support in Glasgow, just out of curiosity?


Doris Brendel


Saw Lazuli on ‘Farewell To Childhood’ gigs. Thought they were fantastic. However, I think as I’ve seen them before that I’d prefer to see someone else this time around.


I’ve just been listening to this album and it sounds good to me, great voice :+1:


Prepared to give anyone a chance, but tbh I always switch off during the support, regardless of who it is. That is of course unless it’s someone I’m really into anyway.


Like Paul says, give anyone a chance but Lazuli were the mutts nuts.


But you can have some good surprises with supports! I think of Panic Room, It Bites etc.
But yeah in this particular case I’d have liked to see Lazuli


But like Andy said originally, I see support acts as a wasted opportunity to get another 30 minutes out of Fish!


I saw Porcupine Tree as a support of Marillion once :smile:



the funny thing about that is I didn’t know PT at the time (in fact not that much;think I had only “stupid dreams” album but bought it not on purpose and just because I loved the cover)…anyway,I remember I didn’t like the band performance on stage and found the singer a bit too shy or strange…shame on me :joy:



Where as now Marillion would have to support porcupine tree, or any thing that Steven Wilson threw at them.


flight booked