Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


So is mine.


I should be in Manchester around 2 PM…enough time for a beer or two :wink:



Warrington - Manchester :stuck_out_tongue::rofl::upside_down_face::lying_face:


When I looked a couple of weeks ago for flights, Easy jet had still not opened flights to Liverpool.


it is open for Manchester and cheaper than Air France (my flight) but the way back to France isn’t convenient because I should land at 8 PM in Paris and I have 3 hours and a half of car travel to get home…



Short haul.


I have no idea of train times just now, but I think you might be at the bar before me. A bottle of cold lager will do nicely. Definitely not Blue Moon though!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There will be nothing City related in my company Lawrie, I promise you that ! :wink:


213 sleeps to go!:grin::grin::grin:


So the fixtures have been released and guess what, it’s the Manchester derby Utd v City on the day of the Fish gig (hopefully it’ll be moved to Sunday) else it’ll be a very lively night in Manchester !!!


Only 177 sleeps to go. Manchester is gonna be rockin.:smiley:`


I just hope friggin BT don’t get the game at 5.30pm on that Saturday :thinking:


Still mulling over an overnight stay or not. Think I possibly might. Would take a bit of pressure off getting home after the gig.


No flight booked, no hotel booked, and I’m not able to print the concert ticket I’ve paid for , they say it’s impossible at the moment…
Depressive mode, maybe. Nobody can tell today what would happen till December, me neither. Everyone has things in life to go through.


True, but chin up Marie. Hope you can make it.


More the merrier :wink:


could it be ealier ? 3 PM ?..cause it would be great to go the game no ?..what do you think Andy ?



3pm if it wasn’t on TV Anthony, but as its one of the biggest games of the season that won’t be the case .
Tickets for the derby are also very difficult to get hold of.


I will know on October 12th that’s when Decembers TV games and kick off times will be released.


Trains won’t be the best. Think I’ll be getting a taxi there. Sod’s Law.