Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


Well, it’s about time!


Hope you’re bringing a responsible adult Mik.




When will you stop showing your tickets ? :sob:
Hope for me (with my ryanair booking) that I won’t miss the magic bus again… :tired_face:


Shit Marie just been reading bout the cancellation flights , fingers crossed you’ll be ok.


The Ryanair debacle?


The blood loss is said to stop end october, we will see…
The french translation of the title "Airplane ! " is "Y a-t-il un pilote dans l’avion ? "
Hope for me there will be someone in the cockpit…


You might get that inflatable autopilot…


They might get treated with a little more respect than their current pilots !?:wink:


how many sleeps Lawrie ? :blush:



They make what they want in the cockpit.
All I want is to arrive in Manchester, safe and sound, and on time.


78 my friend. I hope you have the beer vouchers?:wink:


Good news on the football front , the Manchester derby is now being played on Sunday 10th December at 4.30pm kick off, so it won’t interfere with the Fish gig on the Saturday.
At least now I’ll be able to say bye to everyone on the Sunday before I go to the match :wink::smiley::soccer:




Thoroughly confused by that, until I realised you mean December, not November.


Edited Mik my mistake :roll_eyes:


one month…one month :smiley:



Never did book that hotel! Came to the conclusion that it’s cheaper for me to taxi in and out, but I will be around for drinks before and after. Will be down mid afternoon.


Lawrie !! :grinning:


Excellent !!!