Marillion - FEAR


I’m going in the opposite direction of you, Andy.
It is not a bad album, well done. But it doesn’t work on me. I still can’t get into it at the moment.
It may seem I’ll just point a very negative view here, but keep in mind I consider it’s not a bad album. Just an album I don’t like pretty much at the moment.

In this album you can listen in every song to something which recalls a past song for who knows well their discography. It’s hard for me to get out of that, because I wait for the energy or the rage of the past song, and… It’s not.
So it gives me the feeling to be stuck in the past, in the shade of what they made, like a pale echo. To be honnest, it made me listen again to old albums (not STCBM which had not much effect on me than this one).

The theme : the lyrics are not bad, but if you use this material as something leading you to think and learn something, as H just describes the world we are living in, well, when you open your newspaper, you arrive at the same point. It’s not for me at the moment, in the way it does’nt lead to some lightning, except to F.E.A.R… Where is the energy to make a change of our world ?

I stop here. Trying to share my feelings in french is hard, and much more in english !


I much appreciate your view Marie.
I’m pretty much out of my depth though in all honestly, having not been very familiar with Marillion with H as yourself .
I just really like the album very much, but saying that, I shouldn’t assume everyone else would like it as much as myself. :wink:


My playlist, tracks in the following order :wink:
7 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 6 - 7 - 7…


I’m really enjoying the album and have tickets and flights booked for the November gig in Glasgow…
Miles better than STCBM…their worst album in my opinion.


I completely agree


I think i need to give F.E.A.R. a rest. I’ve played it a lot over the past couple of weeks and as much as i like it i think i’ve overplayed it.

Living In FEAR and White Paper are beginning to sound a bit ordinary.


Those two tracks that you mention are my least favourite but I’m still delighted that they recovered from the last album:)


Agreed with Living In Fear but I love White Paper



Off to see the band tonight at Leamington, not had a chance to listen to the album (been busy! :frowning: ) so not quite sure what to expect!


Lots of new music. Though i’m sure there’ll still be plenty you’re familiar with. 2 hour 30 minute set apparently.


Enjoy and Let us know !!


Sounds great on vinyl too👍


I got an email saying my UE will be delivered on monday :smile: …but at my old adress :confused: …As I’m going to Paris next friday,I will make a stop at my old house :grinning:



This album is pure beauty !!!



A truely sublime object :blush:



That looks very expensive Anthony !


It was.

(10 character answer)


Indeed…almost 200€



BL**dy Hell :fearful: :scream:


A thing of beauty but certainly not worth £156!
I went for the special edition with my name in the credits and I also picked up the retail vinyl version.
Super album.