Marillion incommunicado photo shoot


This Picture was posted by Fish on Fb, courtesy of Dan Henderson.
Incommunicado photo shoot at 7am outside the Marquee Club in London.


Those were the days. Don’t remember 'em, but very nostalgic.





Great Memories for me, Especially bk in 85’ when I made it to the Marquee Club for a Fan club do. :grin:


Marquee was a right shithole though. Some guys i knew had a band in the 80’s (Kooga) and a load of us travelled up to London to see the legendary Marquee Club. What a disappointment.

Though the day out was great and many beers sunk in the Intrepid Fox in Soho (which last time i was in London had changed from a spit and sawdust pub to a new trendy burger joint - sacriledge).


What the world needs now are more spit and sawdust pubs.