Merry Christmas


There are only 123 days until Christmas.


I’m surprised that the decorations and tv adverts aren’t on the go already !!


The cards are in the shops now


Looking on the bright side, the Scariest Santa thread will make a reappearance.


I love that thread :wink::smile::joy:


lol. soon it is going to be “another” Merry Christmas :smiley:


Where did this thread come from ???

Scrolled up to see that i have previously contributed but really cannot remember doing so.


It was Christmas. You were probably pissed.


Just scrolled up and seen Lauri’s Christmas earrings. The guy’s a legend.


I don’t need Christmas for the ‘pissed’ excuse.


I’m guessing it was a Thursday night then Steve :wink::joy::beer:


I post some right shit on a Thursday night after pool in the pub !!!

Alcohol and the internet is such a dangerous combination.


Only on a Thursday?! :laughing:


The Christmas tree is ready to be decorated



Et voilà :blush:



I’m a humbug mine won’t go up till next week !


I only stuck mine up early because I like to take it down as early as possible!


What Boxing day ? :wink::joy:


Maybe! :grin:


Hey Anthony, instead of baubles you could have hung little miniature bottles of whisky all over it.