Merry Christmas


Santa has been kind with me :blush:



I like the new design on the Beanie hat. Nicer than the former one.


Meowy Christmas from Bowie :joy::christmas_tree:


You could have put some tinsel round his neck!


That’ll do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





R.I.P. Carrie …


My little desk tree is out again :grin:


To all my very good friends on here. To all those I have met at past gigs, and those I still hope for the opportunity to meet in the near future, I wish you all a very warm and happy Christmas from the heart. - It’s been a tough year for me in many ways, and I know it has for others on here too, and the love and support has been much appreciated. Xx


Wishing Everyone a Merry Marillion Fishmas and the Best of Health and Happiness to you and your Families.
A Time for Rembrance of loved ones we hold close and dear who are not with us anymore.

Slainte’ Mhath!

Live for the Company!


Merry Christmas to all the good people on this forum, you really are wonderful company! Greetings from me and my kids here:


Lovely scene Lauri. Best wishes to your fam’. (The dog looks computer generated)


a very happy christmas to everyone on here and to your families…hope you’ll enjoy your evening and that santa will be kind with you

take care



Merry Christmas to you all , hopefully will be able to meet some of the Company along the road in 2018


All the best everyone. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow.:santa:


A very happy Christmas to you all.


Merry Christmas everybody and here’s to a happy new year, full of amazing music, encounters, gigs, success, health anf happiness.
Thank you for your jokes, your support, for being just you.
Thank you for being part of my world.
Love you all.

And me too, gutted I couldn’t see you this time, but hopefully before I know it :wink:
Had a job interview the friday before the gig, fingers crossed 2018 will see me a happier girl!


:santa:Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone who contributes to the forum.
We may only be a small group, but I like that because there is always friendliness and support when its needed.
Stay strong Love you all x :santa: