Misplaced Childhood - Deluxe Edition


I was more excited when I recently found decent vinyl copies of the first 4 albums. If I had money to burn, then maybe.


…and as I’ve said previously somewhere, due to lack of space, all the music I buy currently, I compile into music folders, so the plastic case or box generally gets thrown away. I only keep the booklet/cover. - In fact, the only one I’ve ever kept as a collectible is the Feast Of Consequences special, with the book and signed card.


Scandalous behaviour!!


I know. It’s sacrilege! - I prefer it though.


Who has already ordered the Deluxe edition ?



I ordered it today on Fish shop.


the two of them ?



The CD/BluRay version.


Not yet but i probably will. I’ve bought far too many ‘special editions’ of albums I already own so the £30 price is delaying me.

Remastered disc - can live without it.
Live discs - will play these but again could live without them as I’ve plenty of live Marillion.
Demo disc - no interest at all.
Documentary - will watch it once, then never again.
5.1 and hi-res mix - this is all i really want from the package, so can i justify £30.

I may as well order it straight away, as i know what will happen. I’ll come home from the pub one night after a few too many sherbets and think ‘f@ck it’, buy it, and regret the next day. Many of my albums have been purchased in the early hours :joy::joy::joy:


I’m actually quite interested in the live discs. I heard a bit of this concert and it’s a good one. The live Misplaced is much better than Thieving Magpie and am I mistaken or is that the only version of The Web with Mosley on drums? I didn’t even think he’d ever played it.

Must buy a blu-ray player one of these years…





I don’t need it but the documentary is pulling me in!






9 out of 10. Didn’t know the landmark!


Still didn’t order it… but I’ve read that Fish has suspended the pre orders ? :hushed:



Not long until this falls through my letterbox!


Waiting for the release in stores




Is continental Europe overseas? :smiley: :open_mouth:

Fish on Facebook with the same pic.

Just heard from Parlphone that the Misplaced albums cannot arrive before the 21st July so we will post the overseas orders a few days earlier to give them a start