Misplaced Childhood - Deluxe Edition


What’s his problem Anthony? Has he received it?


yes but it seems that the box has been opened and damaged so he would like to know how to manage this problem…



Please take a look in your inbox here at the forum.


Hi Anthony

Tell your friend there is a Contact link at the bottom of the Terms and conditions section on the Fishheadsshop site where he can email them about his query, failing that here is the phone numbers, where he would probably have to quote his order number, but remind him to speak slowly as phone lines over distances can be bad.

Contact Us
Contact Fishheads Shop directly
PO Box 3
East Lothian
EH41 3TA

Tel: +44 (0) 1620 826150
Fax: +44 (0) 1620 826144


Contact Us


thanks to you both mates :wink:



My copy arrived today without any damage :wink: !


The lyrics of “Lady Nina” and “Freaks” are also included :slight_smile: !



We were working as a band …

If I understand it in the right way!


don’t hesitate to clic on the link even if it doesn’t appear properly :wink:



on this one too



Got it !!! :grinning:



Now waiting for the vinyl box,also bought by my best friend (well his wife to be very specific)



the negative point of this edition is the lack of subtitles in the documentary…evryone is not speaking english fluently…too bad for the non english/american/canadian fans :unamused:



Too bad for the non-Scottish more like!


Got mine (from the Fish Shop, natch) and so pleased!! But haven’t been able to access any of the video content, it keeps coming up as an AACS error, tried everything I could find online. Any tips? Thanks!


Stupid question but are you playing it on a blu-ray or DVD player?


No worries, any help is appreciated! I actually purchased an external USD blu-ray player, since the PC we had that supposedly was blu-ray compatible coughed on the disc. I can see the files on the disc, it seems to be more of an encryption issue.


Yes, decryption issues seem most likely as you’re trying to play through a PC.
My first thought was a Region problem, as you’re in NYC, but it claims to be Region ABC, so it can’t be that…
Again, probably a stupid question, but are you sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of whatever software you’re trying to play it through. I don’t have a BR drive on my PC, but I’ve found VLC will pretty much play anything.