Needed Glasgow 1 ticket


Hi, I desperately need a ticket for this gig, tho I’ve been to Liverpool gig last month, and Dalkeith, still looking for this one, the big one! for me.


2nd attempt, thanks to member for possible lead but looking highly unlikely at the moment


Are you still needing a ticket - I now have a spare.


Yes absolutely, music to my ears, where do you want to meet


At Perth now, should be at the venue around 6 so at the venue anytime around then would be ideal.


I’m in Witherspoon’s just down from venue looking like a sore thumb, do you want to meet here for drink before heading in, seems to be the place for fishheads


I’ll head up for 6 if you don’t reply, OK I’ve confused myself


I’ve got fish hoodie and megadeath t shirt, otherwise just another random


About to park, will be there very shortly


Will meet you in Weatherspoons if you’re still there. I’ve a black jacket on and I’m with my son who is in a black jacket as well


Good stuff, making way now


Hope you found each other. Feels like I’m snooping on Tinder. :blush:


Worry not, Dodger found and a happy Fishhead, glad to help.


Yup, a very happy fishhead :slight_smile: , thanks for asking