New Europe 2015 Tour Dates


10th Aug 2015 Germany Hamburg (St.Pauli) / The Rock Café


has anyone got a spare ticket for the manchester gig in December? im the guy that does the handwritten art with words- Thank you for you help


David, Manchester gig already sold out?


I’m at my local pub this evening. As you know I live near the airport Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF). During my visit two guys entered the pub and asked for beer. They get a normal lager from the cask. But one of them had a problem with his beer. He asked the bar man about it and we started a talk. Both of them are from Scotland, one from Glasgow. I told them, that I have visited Scotland some weeks ago :wink: .
Later I asked them if they know Fish. No idea. If they know Marillion. And one of them started to sind the first verses of kayleigh :slight_smile: .
I told them about the Glasgow gig of Fish as the last one of the 30th anniversary tour this year. They were surprised, Fish is always on tour.
I’m not sure, bur I think they will join us in Glasgow, 13th December 2015 :slight_smile: !


… non UK gigs

13th Jun 2015 Germany Halle / Bridges to Classic Festival
26th Jun 2015 Marocco Marrakesh / Planet Rockstock
4th Jul 2015 Germany Empfenbach / Holledau Festival
11th Jul 2015 Netherlands Weert / Bospop
12th Jul 2015 Germany Bochum / Zeche
13th Jul 2015 Germany Reichenbach / Neuberinhaus
15th Jul 2015 Germany Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal
17th Jul 2015 Germany Isernhagen / Blues-Garage
18th Jul 2015 Germany Loreley / Night of the Progs
24th Jul 2015 Germany Affalterbach / 7 Eichen
26th Jul 2015 Germany Karlsruhe / Das Fest
28th Jul 2015 Luxemburg Beaufort / Chateau de Beaufort
1st Aug 2015 Germany Seebronn / Rock of Ages
6th Aug 2015 Norway Ardalstangen / Malrock
7th Aug 2015 Norway Drammen / Union Scene
8th Aug 2015 Denmark Copenhagen / Amager Bio
10th Aug 2015 Germany Hamburg (St.Pauli) / The Rock Café
11th Aug 2015 France Paris / Divan du Monde
12th Aug 2015 France Paris / Divan du Monde
14th Aug 2015 England Cropredy / Fairport’s Cropredy Convention
28th Aug 2015 Switzerland Arbon / Summer Days Festival
29th Aug 2015 Poland Inowroclaw / Ino-Rock
1st Sep 2015 Germany Cologne / Tanzbrunnen
12th Sep 2015 Scotland Dalkeith / Dalkeith Country Park
24th Oct 2015 Norway Trondheim / Hell Festival
4th Nov 2015 Netherlands Zoetermeer / Boerderiy
5th Nov 2015 Germany Berlin / C-Club
7th Nov 2015 Poland Szczecin / Azoty Arena
8th Nov 2015 Poland Gdańsk / venue tba
9th Nov 2015 Poland Warszawa / Progresja
11th Nov 2015 Poland Bielsko-Biała / Klimat
13th Nov 2015 Germany Rendsburg / Nordmarkhalle
14th Nov 2015 Germany Haltern am See / Ich See Kultur
16th Nov 2015 Germany Friedberg / Stadthalle
17th Nov 2015 Germany Nürnberg / Hirsch
18th Nov 2015 Germany München / Backstage
21th Nov 2015 Switzerland Pratteln / Z7
22th Nov 2015 Germany Mannheim / Alte Seilerei
23th Nov 2015 Germany Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn
25th Nov 2015 Germany Oldenburg / Kulturetage
26th Nov 2015 Germany Saarbrücken / Garage
28th Nov 2015 Netherlands Gronigen / Oosterport
29th Nov 2015 Netherlands Tilburg / O13
30th Nov 2015 Netherlands Amsterdam / Melkweg


Had to look twice at this to realise it’s was an updated tour list of Fish’s “Farewell to Childhood” tour, for a Scary moment I thought that was the list of gigs you were going to Ulli :wink: :slight_smile:


You know, I have to work some days a week to earn the money for the trips to some of the gigs :wink: :slight_smile: !


ok finally it will be without me :disappointed:…after considering all the possibilities,it seems that the cost of a round trip from my stepparents’ house will be too high and unreasonable…plus the tiredness of the travel :unamused: …I prefer stay in family and take full advantage of it

But it is with lots of regrets I made this decision :disappointed_relieved:

maybe the choice of these two gigs in August was not the wisest thing to do…

Hope I will see the big man during his last tour for his last album (I can’t imagine he’s going to stop making music :fearful:)



Sorry to hear that Anthony, from experience, we all know it does take a lot of time and Money to travel to gigs, we all have our Commitments, budgets and goals for the year or more especially when family are involved and of course they should be put first before anything.
Wishing you all the best and hope that you get to see the big man on his Farewell Tour.


I couldn’t have said better than this…thanks :wink:



I’ve crossed the Atlantic to see you last year and want to do that again this year, but it seems Viagogo has bought all tickets. What about the balcony tickets at Islington Assembly Hall? Will be available anytime? Does anyone knows how to get a ticket for December 4th or 5th? I’m from Brazil!


Unfortunately it looks like a Sold Out! I have booked at Eventim UK in April with delivery to Germany.
Maybe there is a special way to get a ticket for one or maybe both of the gigs.

I know, you need the information very soon for flight bookings etc. I’ll let you know!


Thanks a lot! Will be there anyway. Probably will have to surrender and buy from Viagogo. I´m curious about the balcony seats not been for sale.


Please wait!! Viagogo is not the first choice!


Failing that there is Always the Last Gig of the Tour in Glasgow :wink:


Yes, I will.


You Can also Try - Ticketweb, Seetickets, Ticketmaster, Planet Rock website or the actual Venue Box office depending on where you want to see Fish.


GOT IT! From Seatwave! Thanks everybody! See you all at Islington Assembly Hall dec 4th!


Thanks buddy! Just got a pair of tickets for Dec 4th. See you there! Cheers!


Just done a quick check on venues, Both London dates, Manchester and Birmingham are Sold out, with only a few remaining for Glasgow, Tickets left for Sheffield city hall but mainly circle tickets and some restricted view stall tickets, all Front stall and Balcony tickets are sold out. Tickets still left for Cambridge and Bristol.
Looking great for some awesome gigs :smile: