New Europe 2015 Tour Dates


I’ve just booked my ticket for the Glasgow gig and also accommodation at The Savoy Central (Travelodge) :wink:

:notes:O’ You go the high road an’ I’ll take the low road an I’ll be in . . . . . . :notes: :smiley:



just tried to book Hamburg on August 10, but it looks like it’s sold out.

Also, not able to book Glasgow, though the website doesn’t say if sold out or just a system flaw.

This is bad… Does anyone have a confirmation that the tickets are really sold out and it’s not some connection issue or so? I’m in Indonesia on a hotel internet, so not sure if that could be the problem as well.


I got a ticket for Glasgow last week, but also struggled to be honest, in the end I booked it direct from the venues website and had no problems.

Just had a look myself and it seems still to be tickets available. Best of luck.


Thanks Andy, I did indeed manage to get the tickets there.

Can’t wait to hear and see the great Scotsman perform in his natural habitat in a few months!


A very touching photo of the big man and his supportive daughter watching on .


My ticket is still on status “in process” at The Gig Cartel (powered by

Maybe get one at TicketWeb.


Mine arrived today for the Glasgow gig :smiley:


Status: Delivered :smile:


HELP I need two tickets for Glasgow gig for me and my wee son… there must be two out there needing a new home …PLEEEEAASSSEE


Also looking for a ticket for this gig, if anyone can help that would be great, cheers


Hi all,

probably a long shot… is there anyone selling a ticket for the Amsterdam (Melkweg) gig on the 30th of November?



Uncle Fish welcome to Russia! :slight_smile: I think you will find much new friends here. I’m listening your songs for 24 years. My children like your songs too. And my little wish - please try write songs about our new history. I know you are bold and you seen Yugoslavia that was borning in the civilian war and was hiding themselves away from the flying “democracy”. Please look around and say what do you feel and think.


Looking for a single ticket for either night @ Islington - Got a spare, anyone? :smiley:


Hi, I have a spare for Sat Dec 4th.
Let me know if you still need one.


Hi Neil, Yep, Saturday sounds perfect! I don’t really want to post personal details on an open forum - any better way to communicate?


Hi Wireframe, Ive sent you a message.


Hi, I’m after a ticket for Glasgow too, going to Dalkieth/Midstock on 12th, also going to gig in Liverpool as it could be my only chance and I’m not missing the big man. Seen StillMarillion in Bathgate last night! there, my pennies worth


Come on, bigger venue in Glasgow PLEASE !!!

Or if anyone has a couple of tickets for sale ? My plan was to take my daughter to her first gig :disappointed_relieved:


They would if they could.


That’s a real shame :sob: