New releases coming up


Dream Theater will release “The Astonishing” a concept album/rock opera early 2016.


35th anniversary edition



Dec 4th



The River collection:4cd’s/3dvd’s

Dec 4th



Queen - a night a the Odeon superdeluxe

Nov 20th



To be released February 26th 2016


Release date has been announced as January 29th 2016.


They’ve sent out information about the concept of this via email. Story all sounds a bit similar to 2112.


The new Arena live CD/DVD XX is to be released on February 12th 2016.



" …and the Geeks shall inherit the earth…" :laughing:

Joking aside looking forward to this release.


Black Mountain - IV (1st April)


Lazuli - Nose ames saoules is released at the end of the month.


Hopefully readily available and at a sensible price. After seeing Lazuli supporting Fish in December i had a quick scan on Amazon but they were asking around £20 each for all their cd’s.

Would advise anyone going to the remaining Fish dates to check them out. I was very impressed.


vinyl release on the 25th of March



15th April 2016



Looking forward to these as the Ride The Lightning has a bonus disc of their performance from the Monsters Of Rock Donington 1985 performance , that was incredible on the day :smiley:


I was there. Bought my Metallica ‘Metal Up Your Ass’ t-shirt and took it back to South Wales and none of my friends had any idea who or what Metallica was.

T-shirt was electric chair on the front / toilet seat with knife blade coming out of it on the back.

Getting into '80’s fashion i chopped the sleeves of it.

That was one of the best Monsters Of Rock line-ups ever


Just read the blurge (made up word) and it’s going to cost a fortune. Do you really need 6 discs worth of demos, interviews, live stuff etc.

Not for me.


I was probably stood next to you Steve, and didn’t even realise !! ? :wink: