New releases coming up




BLACKFIELD - blackfield V

In november



Pre-order for November 18th

Stand Up - Jethro Tull Elevated pop up edition.
2cd/1dvd + 112page book Steven Wilson mixes





From the forthcoming Field Of Crows booklet which Fish posted today he’d written 5k words for so far.


Delayed until 20th January.


Yes I saw that :disappointed:



Kate Bush to release the live album “Before the Dawn”

Fingers crossed for a DVD or BluRay release soon!


At last :smiley::heart_eyes:



one of the most underrated British rock band !!!



It seems that System Of A Down is finally releasing a new album next year!


They are the Friday headliners for next years Download festival.


nov 2016



nov 2016



2112 - 40th Anniversary

I can’t buy this album again can i ???


I think you already have your answer by asking yourself the question :smile:



Had the vinyl years ago, bought the cd to replace that, then bought a remastered cd, then bought the cd/blu-ray version for the 5.1 mix.

The vinyl of this new edition tempted me for a second, but i’ve just seen the price, so think i’m staying away.


Kate Bush’s 3 live cd set :wink:


The 2015 Marillion Weekend is available for preorder : 3 double cd’s/1 triple DVD/1 triple BR :smiley:
I know what’s going to be under the christmas tree this year :grin:



Great cover Andy!