New releases coming up


Caoldplay - Kaleidoscope EP

… out 2nd June 2017


Galahad - Quiet Storms …


Thanks for the heads up Ulli :wink:


Galahad announce new album Quiet Storms


No release date annouced at the moment.

At the lower left it is the German FSK logo, comparable to your USK.


News here


I’ll order it on, so I’ll get it without the FSK sticker.


That looks quality!


From Fish’s FB page an 1hr ago.

The 2 revamped sleeves. I’m waiting on dates for delivery from my production company and as soon as I have them I’ll announce a pre order.

‘Farewell to Childhood’ is a double CD featuring a show from Warsaw and a DVD with the full show from Berlin both November 2015. It comes in a hardback cover same as the current remasters and ‘Moveable Feast live’ album and has 48 pages of photos, artwork and 9000 words of sleeve notes written by myself and put together by Mark Wilkinson.

Track list on the Cd’s and the DVD is ‘Pipeline’, ‘Feast of Consequences’, ‘Long Cold Day’, ‘Family Business’, ‘Perception of Johnny Punter’, the ‘Misplaced Childhood’ album, ‘Market Square Heroes’ and ‘The Company’ all mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm

It’s exactly the same price as the other recently released titles and is only available through the website mail order outlet and on Amazon across Europe.

The Amazon release has a printed FSK logo on it denoting it as an over 18 release.This is a legal requirement for videos in Germany and I can’t put the title up on Amazon without it as they do not differentiate between territories in their warehouses.

I can’t sticker it as the logo has to be printed on the cover, front, bottom left hand side and the size as indicated on the 3d mock up.The DVD is not an 18 category but to have it vetted could take weeks and cost over 300 euros and I would still have to have an FSK logo even if it was denoted as suitable for under 16’s. I just went for a ‘bad ass’ 18 registration! :slight_smile:

The lyrics of ‘Perception’ and a couple of “off the cuff” expletives meant that it would probably be 16 age group anyway. To not put the logo on automatically classes the title as “over 18” on Amazon and would have meant German fans paying an extra 5 euros for signed delivery and proof of age with passport to get it.

If I stickered it and was caught out I would be heavily fined. As you can see from the FSK version the registration is obtrusive but I have no other choice. The version we sell through the mail order service will NOT have the FSK logo.

The “unblemished” cover is on the inside on the sleeve notes.

Some of you have already offered suggestions to get round it but I can’t put in a “spare” or "turnaround"cover as it’s a hardback book, can’t have a removable sticker ,can’t use a dummy front and a slipcase is too expensive. Believe me we looked at everything. It’s the law in Germany for any visual carrier.I don’t like it, think it’s over the top and unnecessary but those are the rules I have to play by.

All the contents including the Berlin audio will eventually be put up for download on i tunes and other platforms but at the moment I have clockwork BT broadband and am waiting on a new wi fi broadband connection in the studio that will enable me to upload both this title and all the remasters and ‘Feast’.

There are no plans at present for a vinyl release as it’s too expensive to invest needed funds in. The same applies for the remasters. Hopefully next year I’ll be more solvent but with all touring knocked out by the shoulder recovery I have to go canny and put things in perspective.

‘Farewell to Childhood’ follows on with the other titles recently released and qualifies for the free t shirt offer in combination with the other remastered titles and ‘Moveable Feast live 2013-14’. The t shirts available are as denoted on the website and are available while stocks last. We are already out of some sizes and styles so if you can’t get what you want give one away to a friend. They are Free! The ‘Childhood’ tour t’s are not part of the offer.

I hope that answers all the questions that were raised in previous posts and I’ve tried to cover most of the points that were brought up.

I’ll let you know when the pre order starts as soon as I get the delivery details from the manufacturer.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:
Fish x


U2 to release 30th anniversary super deluxe box sets of The Joshua Tree


It would have been better to have the cd’s and the vinyls in a same boxset instead two different ones !!! the Achtung baby one



Bloody Germans. Quick, let’s Brexit out of this mess !!! :wink:

Though i expect Jimmy Krankie will have equally ridiculous laws if she has her way with Scotland.

(Light blue touch paper and retire).

:boom: :boom: :boom:


I know what you mean, but for me, I’d only be interested in the vinyl+ - nothing to play CDs on anymore, and I don’t see the point of putting together an even more expensive package by combining 2 different formats.

+Not that I’ll be paying that much for it. If one LP was good enough for the original release, what’s the justification for now spreading the original album over 2 LPs? As I’ve ranted about before, one of my bugbears with the whole ‘vinyl revival’ thing is the ripping off of the punter in this way. Anything with only 3 (relatively short) tracks per side is more like a 12" single as far as I’m concerned - not an LP (vinyl 1 has only got a total of 5 tracks on it, ffs! Side 2 is less than 9 minutes! If that’s an LP, I’m the King of England!). It’s like they’re making vinyls that are intended to a) make them as much £ as possible and b) not really to be played, but to sit on a shelf or be ‘an investment’.


Totally agreed with all your post Mik



All hail Guy Fawkes a man with honerable intentions :smiling_imp:


Yeah, we can cope with future economic disaster, mass unemployment, and playing a tiny bit-part on the world stage, but hey, we can all look forward to sticker-free CDs.


March 2017



I heard it today , very disappointed :neutral_face:


unfortunately like the last albums of the band…they’re not what they were anymore :unamused:



I gave up on depeche mode years ago…it all went wrong after black celebration.