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A wee update on the Farewell to Childhood orders from the Fisheads Club.

1 April 2017Fish · News

Saturday afternoon, football on radio and my wonderful lady in the mail order room packaging the new ‘Farewell to Childhood’ CD’s that arrived unexpectedly yesterday. We’d thought that by having a short pre order period that we could prepare packages but the early consignment delivery meant that the orders are all “Live”.
Simone decided to just get stuck in today and this weekend we should be able to tear down the mountain although every download of e mails seems to be rebuilding it as fast as we get the packages together.

It’s great to hear that some albums are already arriving out there the first batch having only been picked up from the studio by our loyal postie at 4 o’ clock yesterday.

As we are dealing with a big influx of orders Simone doesn’t take them all of the system at once and packs around 50 in a batch. Notifications are sent out when the order is taken of the computer so it may take a day or so from when you order to get the confirmation e mail. A wee bit of patience is required as sending e mails asking for information on your order are difficult to answer at this time and really slow the office down.

We are doing our best to get orders out as soon as possible and to be honest have been taken a little bit by surprise by the overwhelming demand for the album. To be honest I don’t think it’s going to recede soon as judging by the comments from those who have already got it word of mouth is going to create a lot more interest.

I think it’s a great release and it seems that those of you who have it already think the same :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all your support on this, it’s sincerely appreciated…/farewell-to-childhood-cddvd/


Is that my order ??? :wink::smiley:


a very good news :smiley:







Riverside - “Lost ‘n’ Found” - Live in Tilburg

Anyone going to see Riverside in May ?

They are releasing a live CD but only available at gigs on the next tour. I’d like a copy but am on holiday during their UK dates. Anyone like to pick a copy up for me ???


available for pre-order



If you haven’t one till May. I could take a ride to the Berlin gig and buy you one of these!


I’ve been contacted by someone on Marillion forum who is going to Leamington Spa gig, and has offered to pick one up for me, so i think i’m sorted (plus postage from him will probably be cheaper).

Thank you for your very kind offer, I really appreciate it.




And here’s the track list with some other details. Can’t wait!!!


Yes, I’m really looking forward to this myself :wink:


got one :grinning:



Getting closer


can’t wait



available now on cd



I wasn’t sure where to put this, but here goes .
This afternoon I was sat in a pub in Earl’s Court watching the United game when I had this bloke who’d obviously clocked my Dream Theater t shirt (pre Hammersmith gig) asked me if I’d heard of Anathema???
This said bloke is pictured below -

It was Vinny the vocalist/guitarist and here is me listening to the new Anathema album off his iPhone!! He spent a good 2 hours drinking with Julian my friend and myself talking all things music , football , and life in general.
I heard about 4 songs from the album and it sounds superb and he said he is very excited by it as well.
On touring because of contractual reasons (Download Festival) he said they can’t announce dates as yet but it will be the end of September in the UK (as we know).
A top bloke and meeting him made my day :+1::grinning::wink:


That’s amazing Andy! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! - So was he there to watch the gig too?


What a meeting !!!



I bet you didn’t tell him he was from the wrong end of the East Lancs! :wink: