New releases coming up




what an incredible beginning of year considering the albums planned to be released:Anathema,Steven Wilson,Bjorn Riis,Marillion’s MC deluxe edition…:grinning:



Not really new …

Genesis: Long lost 1968/69 mastertapes found


I’m going through a Genesis phase right now. I’ll take anything.


the prices are unfortunately insane :astonished:



tbh, I’m getting a bit jacked off with re issues, re masters ect . :roll_eyes:


for you Andy :grin:



Tbh mate I am too as much as I like my music, and supporting artists directly, but I will no longer buy remasters or re issues, to me its just doesn’t offer anything new to me, and tbh its only a way off adding to their pension pot at the collectors expense IMHO, but people want to part with their money for these that’s up to them, I hold nothing against them.


Very well said Rab.


Not actual music as such, but a New Rock Mag covering 70’s & 80’'s HR&HM


So we now have Classic Rock magazine, Planet Rock magazine and now Rock Candy magazine. How do all three expect to survive? All they’re doing is diluting the consumer spend on each one


Alison Moyet - Other 16th June 2017


Alison Moyet’s being released on the 16th of June? Didn’t even know she was in prison.


Stu Nicholson on FB this day.

…Are a comin’…
SOC will be as ‘Prog’ as we can be…just one very long constantly changing and evolving piece of music with a linked narrative…and yes this will be very much a ‘rock’ album…and yes there is a concept! :slight_smile:
Artwork courtesy of the master himself…Paul Tippett. :slight_smile:

SOC - Seas of Change





Motörhead - Under Cöver




08 September



This one is for Paul :wink: