Paint It Black (The forum look)


It seems there’s a fairly even split after all. I know that the black is sometimes more readable - especially in dark environments the white can seem harsh. I liked it being dark, but when I changed it back after the trial I was happy to see a more open a fresher appearance. The forum is predominantly for reading content, and I think that this look probably serves it better.

Soon I’ll look at Fish-ifying the forum a little more. Although the colours won’t be an option on the site there is a way darker colours can be used. I’ll explain more later when I have a chance :wink:

Thanks for your feedback everyone. Really interesting and useful.


The white background is fine John .
I don’t mind putting dark glasses on to use the forum :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::wink::smiley:


The Fish’s so bright I gotta wear shades… :sunglasses:


the white is more joyful at the moment:it 's christmas time :christmas_tree: :santa: :smile:



Paint it blue! all of it! :smiley: