Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album


For me it has to be Feast, in my opinion his best work to date, closely followed by 13th Star :+1:


I’m quite surprised that Sunsets hasn’t sneaked a vote or 2 in yet !!?


By that reckoning, the next album should will be even better!


Stiff competition, I believe. I also had a hard time to choose only one but I ended up with 13th Star because it got so close to me when it came out. I remember reading the lyrics from Fish’s e-mails before the album was out and I had same kind of feelings at that time, so for personal reasons I choose this way now. Of course the music on the album is also first class!


You’re all so predictable!! :wink:


Always top three for me, but it’s up against strong competition.


No love For Fellini Days?

Whatever… its a tossup between Vigil and Feast for me. His first and most recent, nearly a quarter of a century apart and I can’t make my mind up? That’s the mark of a truly excellent artist.


A surprising ‘Internal Exile’ for me.

I guess I’m too close to FOC to place that in 1st place - and whilst I feel FOC is his most outstanding work - I’d be lost without Internal Exile.


I could have chosen “13th star” as well…this album knocked me down when I first listened to it!!!



Raingods! Very difficult choice, but Plague of Ghosts is a masterpiece and Raingods gets my choice for this song alone. It makes the hairs on the back of my arms stand up.


totally agreed Alan:“plague of ghosts” is one of the most incredible songs I’ve ever heard!!!..timeless!



brilliant music from the big man vigil is the best & view from a hill the best track


C’mon someone. Sunsets deserves a few votes! Great and powerful album.


I’d put it in my Top3, but behind Vigil & Feast .


Voted for Feast. Because i honestly think, after over a year listening to it, it’s Fish best work ever. Vigil, Sunset and maybe even Internal are great albums too, but Feast has it all: Great songwriting, great arrangements, a great atmosphere and a superb Production (which to be honest, many Fish albums lacked a bit).


Very very tough choice but it had to be Raingods


Sunsets on Empire still blows my mind and is one of those “soundtrack of my life” type of albums. Second would’ve been Raingods and third, Vigil.

But I must admit I haven’t heard all of the albums.


It’s Vigil that’s top for me - I like most of the tracks on it but “Gentlemen’s Excuse Me” is just exquisite.
Sunsets on Empire is a very close second.

I could never get into Raingods and I am struggling to enjoy Feast for the same reason.


Going for Dark Star in strong competition with Feast & Vigil.
Dark Star has a very special feel about it,could be it also was released at a period in my life where I could relate to so many of the lyrics. That aside its also the most heavy and progressive of all of the albums. I love this album…Manchmal!


I definitely feel strongly for 13th Star. I just listened to it this weekend as it happens. It’s easy to forget how powerful these tracks are.

A Feast of Consequences was my preferred choice in the end - but Vigil, Fellini Days and 13th Star are all up there too.