Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album


Hard time choosing between Vigil and Feast. Vigil wins because it has such strong lyrics and powerful, emotional songs.


Top three: 13th star; Vigil; sunsets on empire - all great albums. Unfortunately it took me a while after Marillion to listen to his solo stuff. Still wish Fish and Marillion could have made one more album together - the demos on Clutching at Straws remaster show they had the makings of another good album.


Vigil…feast…vigil…feast… Think Feast swings it for me…just. But it’s close.


Vigil without a doubt. Its just pure emotion and I never tire of listening to it


For me it’s a toss up between Vigil and Feast with Feast just edging it purely because it feels a more rounded piece of work.


Great to see so much activity on here. Looking forward to the favourite Fish track poll !


Vigil has always been my favorite along with Exile. Surprised at the poor showing by Songs From the Mirror, I always thought it was brilliant even if it was all covers.


You think that this was a difficult decision? :confounded:


The power of Twitter mate… :wink:


And Suits from one (mine!) to SIX!!! :smile:


I can only guess at how much you’re grinning now.


Yes, it’s a while since it was released, but Vigil is still the one that gets the most plays either at home or in the car. As one of those who were travelling around on the first Highlands and Islands tour, the songs were already very familiar to me when the CD was given its first play at home on release day.

Vigil’s also the one that I still know all the words for thanks to repeated plays and attending quite a few gigs on the first few tours to promote Vigil and Internal Exile. I’m not so familiar with the latest albums though, so I may have to do some homework if I get the chance to get along to the Holmfirth gig in a few weeks time.

Holmfirth may be just down the road from where I’m living at the moment, but will it beat the pub in Aviemore or the original Riverside venue in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a fun night out?


Ah the old Riverside! Great venue. Did you see Fish there? :sunglasses:


Certainly did! Great night out, as were most nights down at Riverside.

Used to go there on a regular basis - up to four nights a week at one point when I was helping out a couple of local bands doing support slots or local band nights and doing gig reviews for The Northern Echo and Street Magazine.

In addition to Fish, there were also memorable nights seeing Ian Gillan, Thunder, Youssou N’Dour, The Mission, Billy Bragg, The Housemartins, Dan Reed and Baby Animals.

Just been talking to my GF recently about The Mayfair - few nights in there too seeing The Cure, Roger Taylor from Queen, Nirvana, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and a few others too!


I would’ve had Vigil as my favourite, but for the first time since that first solo album I can now put on an album in Feast that I can expect non-fans to “get”.
No bad songs, no “difficult” sections to lose the uninitiated listener.
It was a good sign that my wife was interested in who it was, as she only really liked the band hits rather than solo Fish.
I’ve yet to hear a bad comment from anyone who has actually listened to the record.


Feast is absolute perfection. A close second would be raingods.


First one.
Truely I really love two the last studio albums and Raingods.


After much deliberation I have finally made my choice, it has to be …


Closely followed by 13th star and Vigil in joint 2nd.


Good choices Rab .

I’m just imagining what the next album (looking at this current band, where there is so much talent and song writing ability on board) who knows maybe it’ll be even better than Feast ???!!!


Current top three are my choices, and in that order too! :smile: