Prog Magazine - Issue 77 CAS


Issue 77 of Prog Magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of Marillion’s Clutching At Straws with an in-depth look at the making of the album and how it tore the band apart. It includes brand new interviews with all the band members, and Mark Wilkinson has designed the cover in the way he and Marillion originally intended the Clutching At Straws sleeve to look before record company deadlines got in the way.

interesting last point…could Fish can confirm this ?..I find this unused cover better than the one we all know :slight_smile:



I seen this over on Twitter, as Fish passed comment on it. It’s a great Mag cover, but think I prefer the original CAS artwork as it’s less ‘busy’.


ordered :grin:…because of the cover :smile:



I subscribe to the Prog Magazine, it is a little expensive, but always a good read and the bonus cd is always better quality than the Classic Rock one.


yes it is expensive…but I see this issue as an item for the collector aspect and so to extend my collection of the most amazing and better band in the world :wink:



Last months had alot of Marillion in as well as they’d cleaned up in the awards.


like what ?



FEAR !!! won just about everything, Steve R interview also, I don’t keep them usually, but I’ll save it for you and bring it to the Manchester gig. :+1:


I would love to…thanks mate :thumbsup:



Dropped the kids to school and sat out the back just after 9am in the blistering heat and read the article back to back…quality stuff!


out of stock



So I have ordered it in time. I’ve got an dispatch email.


I have not even had chance to look at it yet, maybe tonight at work :wink:


This should go in annoyances, but feckin magazines with plastic wrappers! What happened to good old fashioned browsing before purchase?! If that would have been in WHS, it would have been ripped off and on the floor. I like knowing what I’m spending nearly ten quid on.


They ought to have a browsing chair for you to sit on as well imo :wink::joy:


Too right! Like Waterstones.


I read just about all the issue last night, good interviews with Anathema, Lonely Robot, a few words with Steven Wilson, Roger Waters, Dream Theater live review of one of the gigs I went to and the write up on Clutching At Straws was very informative and interesting, with the band and Mark Wilkinson .
A lovely poster of the alternative album cover , but the only thing that let’s the issue down is the cd , which are usually very good.


How much is the magazine? Ten quid?


£8 from the shops .


just received the mag…brilliant idea to have put the alternative cover as a poster in the magazine :grinning: