Revised Artwork and T-shirt designs for Clutching at Straws Anniversary Tour


I don’t mind the charcoal grey. It’s just the wavy edges I’m not so keen on. I’d still wear one though. :slight_smile:


this one looks better imho



I am undecided so far will need to see one in my hands first to decide, like Paul I am not sure about the wavy lines, also not sure about the size of the print, ideally i would like it to cover most of the front of the tee.


Looks great…looking forward to picking one up along with the next run of remasters:)



this one looks better



Wow, Superb T-shirts designs great work


Nothing for the lassies :neutral_face:


Sweatshirt looks the best but No Tour dates on the back :frowning2:


I was hoping to get mine before Saturday, but no sign as yet :neutral_face: