RIP LEMMY MOTORHEAD icon dies at 70"


So sad to hear of the passing of a true Rock Icon, 3 days after he was diagnosed with Cancer.

RIP Lemmy! :frowning:


An absolute legend in rock, born not far from where I live.
RIP Lemmy you’ll be sadly missed :persevere:


I’ve posted this before but Motorhead was the first gig i ever went to. Sophia Gardens in Cardiff on the Ace Of Spades tour. My ears were ringing and i had a big smile on my face all the next day in school.

Lemmy one of the few who truely led the rock star lifestyle.



A warrior for Rock n Roll. So sad to hear that.


Sad, sad day today. I quote him: “If you think you are too old to rock 'n roll then you are.”

He never got too old and will be remembered forever. Rock in peace!


“That’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live forever!”


I have to admit that I’ve never got to know his music, but it’s very sad that we’ve lost yet another Rock icon. There are too few left. Someone who lived for the music, and didn’t just play music to earn a living. Read quite a bit about him today, and all the articles unanimously say that he was a lot more generous and accommodating than the hard image he might have portrayed. Especially with giving upcoming support bands and musicians time to play a decent set. I’d say rest in peace but he’ll probably be making a lot of noise wherever he is!


Very nice tribute to Lemmy by Lars Ulrich here:



Ive been caught up in family business over the last day or two, so only caught wind of Lemmys death last night. I remember as a 10 year old going into town with my pocket money to buy Ace of Spades. Chalmers & Joy was the shop. 99p from the “Heavy Metal Box” on the counter. Then later fighting to get it played at the local youth club and headbanginlike there was no tomorrow. Im away to play some Motorhead.


Read yesterday that Lemmy said repeatedly over the years that he didn’t see them as a Heavy Metal band.


Opening line for the shows was always:


Aye, I know Paul. The "Heavy Metal Box " was where all the Rock and NWOBHM singles were kept in that record emporium. “We are Motorhead and we play Rock n` Roll.”


Yeah, it’s funny how certain types of music get lumped together into ‘genres’! - My older brother, who was never into Marillion, always called them a Heavy Metal band! Not sure if he just did that to wind me up?! :confused:


Another beautiful tribute:


It was a year today, doesn’t time fly !

I will never forget now :wink:


To a rock legend Slainte