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Shut down of The Union

@John, will you let us know a few days in advance please when the forum will be locked so we’re not taken by surprise? Thank you :wink:


The bill for the provider is already overdue so it will likely be a few days.

I can’t say for definite when it will happen though. Sorry.

Hi gang.

Since making the post yesterday I was thinking about all your views, and yes, some of us have been kicking around these parts for a decade or so.

There are a couple of ideas floating around right now:

  1. I’m chatting with @ulrichs about possibly taking over the running of this place. It will keep everything mostly as it was.

  2. There is a community chat thing called Discord. I use it for some other communities that I’m a member of. It’s more instant, has a great desktop and mobile app, and also supports sharing video and voice chatting.

Option 2 will require “starting again” as there will be mo easy way to move the content over. But it also doesn’t cost anyone anything.

I just wanted your thoughts - especially for those who aren’t fans of Facebook :wink:


Are both options free? As in the 1st one as well? That would be the simplest option…

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Not sure about the 2nd option John?
Anything similar to forum or this forum will be the best option I think…that would be grand!!!


Hi John, thanks.
No problem for me about a new start : the main thing I have in sight is keeping the link between we dinosaurs, and avoiding platforms like FB or so on.

Any Ideas are good.

That’s my biggest thinking.

@Zazabi the Discourse hosting costs each month.


I see. :confused:

The “Discord” thing John, does it work like a forum where we can create topics and stuff?

Finally the best thing to do would be to keep this forum alive !!!

C mon Fish…let us speak and share on here …it is not much asking don’t you think ?

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Hi John,
Please read the PM.
What is your opinion about solutions like this ? Do you know about something in the same spirit that we could use ?

Kind of. It’s a bit like a cross between WhatsApp and a forum.

You set up the group with different topics and members just jump between them posting in the relevant sections.

You don’t create topics, just keep the chat going in the topic areas. Each of the topics are kept in categories to help move around.

I tell you what, I’ll set something up today and you can all take a look. If it isn’t what you want then nothing is lost.

Here’s something I quickly cobbled together while walking the dog:

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Is it also usable on the computer or only on the mobile phone?


You can use it through a web browser or apps on the computer or phone.

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John’s solution works the same as mine,
Plus : it speaks English for Andy, and Finnish for Lauri !! :smiley:
Edit : and of course french, even under curfew…

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Thank you John.
Perfect for me,
let’s see what the others dinosaurs will tell about.

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To keep things as they were, like I said I’d be willing to pay the monthly cost between us if thats possible and hopefully others would as well ? (between the 10 or 12 of us that would be £20 for the year) , that would save any fannying around, is that a possibility John ?


I’m up for giving a yearly contribution too if it means 15 or 20 quid whatever, and keep everything as it is… I know I sound like a dinosaur and take full responsibility for this lol :grin: but would really rather make the effort of this little contribution and not change my habits and keep all the history of any existing topics and posts.

Is it something you would consider John, looking after the forum and us contributing to it? From what I understand you’ve had to absorb the cost of this forum yourself to keep it alive until now, I wasn’t aware of this, it is not fair!!

What do you all think…?

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I’m OK for this, and if the few people on here who would agree to contribute and pay will be loyal, no doubt.

BUT : I would not understand the website to stay public in that case.

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