SJM is finally here!


Hi guys! My name’s Simon, and I’m a multi-instrumentalist composer from Wolverhampton. I’ve been a fan of Fish/Marillion since 1987 (Clutching At Straws album). I was on the front row in Birmingham in December 2015, and shook Fish’s hand - a wonderful moment! Looking forward to discussing the Scottish genius with you all!


Hi Simon, Welcome :wink:


Thanks! Great to be here!


Welcome Simon! Good to have you here!


welcome around here Simon :wink:



Welcome Simon !


Hi Simon, welcome to the company.


Welcome Simon!


Hi Simon, welcome.


I feel at home already! :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome! Nice to see a new face here. Not that the old ones aren’t a joy also!


Too late. You’ve dug yourself a hole Lauri.


And . . . . another has come and gone :thinking: