Some gigs coming up


Have fun :wink:


A long wait ahead but definitely worth it!


UK dates not yet announced.

I saw ‘The Wall’ tour in the O2. Did say i probably wouldn’t go to see RW again (as it will be expensive) but very tempted with the setlist he’s playing.


Pity I’m on a stag do in Benidorm that week :persevere:


Tonight,Anathema in Rennes :smile:



I hope it’s as good as the London gig Saturday night Anthony.
They played an extended set of over 2 hours. :wink:


I know you love the album anyway Andy, but is there more energy to it live?


Alcest:support band of Anathema,a french prog metal band



Can’t beat a bit of doom Anthony :metal:


Not too much though :blush:



I know I thought they were poor .


Definitely Paul !!!







What was it like Anthony?


Really great!!!..7 songs from “the optimist” which are awesome live (I think I’m going to love this album now :blush:)
Great sound,lights and performance

One regret though:they didn’t play “anathema” and “a simple mistake” :disappointed:…this was mainly why I bought my ticket :wink: but in the end I went out the venue with a big smile on my face :slight_smile:



Yes but you got The Lost Song part1 that we didn’t get on the UK Leg, so dont be greedy ! :wink:
Pleased you enjoyed it , I also bought the signed copy of Distant Satellites :+1:


Bloodstock 2018 in Derbyshire - Judas Priest and Nightwish.

Andy, that sounds perfect for you.


Marillion tonight,Paris Le Zenith :smile:



Here we go