Some gigs coming up


Good gig Steve only the 10 songs but still nearly 2 hours , I wasn’t very impressed with Enslaved though !


Glad you enjoyed.

The only Enslaved track i’ve heard is the one that was on Prog magazines ‘Opeth’ cd, and i wasn’t impressed.


Absolutely “The Dogs Bollocks” Awesome Rik, better than 4 years ago, infact it’s the best I’ve heard them in a long time, really rocked back the years last night, everyone of them was in top form, way better than on the TV the other night.


A few wee photos from last nights Awesome Deep Purple gig in Glasgow

And a wee message to All “Blue Moon” drinkers Tony :wink: :sunglasses:


Deep Purple don’t miss him Steve, honestly. Undoubtedly fantastic musician but the band were on fire without the presence of the Man in Black.:slight_smile:


I know what you are saying but to me some bands need certain members to remain credible. I think Deep Purple is Ritchie Blackmore.

Similarly Rainbow were never the same once Ronnie James Dio left, and many refuse to acknowledge Marillion without Fish.


Dec 12th - Fish - Tramshed, Cardiff

Mar 21st - Steven Wilson - St Davids Hall, Cardiff

Apr 11th - Public Service Broadcasting - Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

May 5th - Manic Street Preachers - Motorpoint, Cardiff

May 14th - Machine Head - University, Cardiff

… to be continued


In fairness Steve Morse does a great job and technically is a better play than Richie…
However…Blackmore was the main man,great tone:)


Nice one rab…great band;)



Really pissed off. Have always wanted to see Mark Lanegan and just found out he’s on a UK tour. Bristol on Monday is my nearest gig but sold out.

Not happy.


Forget the above. I’ve just got myself a ticket for Mark Lanegan in Bristol.

Breaking my ’ i don’t drive and stay sober at gigs rule’ this one is (hopefully) going to be worth it. Very happy.


Ive got a ticket for the friday show at islington , dont want to sell to touts and only want the price i paid plus postage and advert costs etc…
I am going sunday instead ,not sure how i do this on here but its on viagogo


The Scorpions headlining the Stone Free festival 16/06/18 at the O2 in London their only 2018 UK date, love to go but London’s well out of my price range


They piss me off !
I love this band, they have been on their farewell tour for nearly 4 yrs and still not toured the UK, a place that gave them early initial success (long before America) and this is their only F#@*^ing date !? Shove it :neutral_face:


Please excuse my language :no_mouth:


I bet you still end up going! :laughing:


That’s why my star sign is Libra, I am so bloody indecisive :triumph:


Can’t see many wanting to attend both nights as it’s quite different music. Scorpions and Megadeth on one night. Yes, Roger Hodgson and Joanne Taylor Shaw on the other.


We’ll see this “gig” in London as well before we see Fish two days later. :smile: