Some gigs coming up


With any luck he’ll drop Emperor’s Song. :wink:


I like Emperor’s Song :wink: .


No complaints from me just a pity Brother 52 isn’t in the set, or is it ? :wink:


So do I, but out of all of them, I’d replace it with CINDERELLA SEARCH. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good set list. I’m happy!


Gary Numan is coming to Belfast!!!



Fish has announced he’s headlining The Ramblin Man prog stage 2018 with Mostly Autumn as special guests :grin:
No date given though ?


Ramblin Man is June 30th and July 1st.


Going to the final date. Staying with my brother in Edinburgh for Xmas, and this is the first event of the proceedings. I’m concerned there may be alcohol involved :smiling_imp::wine_glass:


Edinburgh at Christmas. Awesome!


Oh, Yes! We’ve not done actual Xmas up there since 2009, when it was like this

, and my daughter had just turned 3.
She’s now just turned 11, so we’re overdue a festive trip north of the border. My brother and his boyfriend’s 1st Xmas in their new house, and my sister, her partner, my mum and my daughter are invading. Should be fun.


50 miles to Dundee if you want to visit? Princes Street is looking good with the carnival etc. Enjoy.



I was there Friday



Steven Wilson instagram post - i’m assuming he’s going to drop / rotate some songs.

" most of this month has been taken up with preliminary home rehearsals between the three guitar players in my band, including new boy Alex. We’ve been working on about 30 songs, 4 hours of repertoire, much of it new or new/old. Next month we move on to full band and production rehearsals. The To the Bone tour requires an unprecedented (for me) amount of planning and preparation, but I do believe it’s gonna be epic! "



We’ve landed :grin::beers:


Just bought tickets for Arena next April at The Citadel St Helens, who’ll be playing The Visitor album in full :+1::guitar::grin:


Tonight :grin: