Some gigs coming up


You like your tribute bands Ian :wink:


I do :grin: The family keep buying me tickets for birthdays and Xmas got another few booked for next year already including Martin Jabukski’s Maiden tribute along with an Alice Cooper one, a different Marillion one , more DC, Stillmarillion and hoping to catch Fish at Leamington when he reschedules and maybe Maiden in August


Have been trying to get a ticket for Greta Van Fleet in Detroit tonight but the resale prices are just crazy. I know they are a local band but prices still over $150 with fees today down from over $300 last week. Last gig I went to at the venue (The Darkness last year) was $29 including fees.


Unfortunately I missed the boat for their UK tour next year in Birmingham, only playing a small venue of 300 but its sold out :frowning:


Next one on the calendar: Marillion on their 2018 US tour. Last time I saw Marillion was December 21st 1987 at Birmingham NEC on the Clutching at Straws tour. FEAR is the first non Fish Marillion album I’ve ever bought. So looking forward to the show, just not sure what to expect!

Edit: Found ticket from 1987 …


13th January - IQ - Bury @The Met
11th March - Galahad - Southampton @Talking Heads
21st April - Arena - Wath @Montgomery Hall

… to be continued


First gig of the year tonight, honestly I am cutting down this year ! :wink:


I said that that, then booked it.



That gig has definitely set the bar , nothing short of phenomenal, worth every penny. :wink:


Just had a look at what’s scheduled for my local venue, Parr Hall, for the upcoming year. It’s all feckin comedians! They’re taking over.


Come to St Helens to see Arena with us then Paul :wink:


Best gig of the year?

I just wished that Glen would cut all the ‘I love you so much and love my band mates brothers’ schtick that he come out with. It’s not that long ago that he hated them! If he and Joe can stop falling out again and Joe cut down some of his other prolific work, then they could be huge. But …


Maybe Andy. Sure there’ll be announcements for Parr hall in the coming months. You can’t go wrong if you want laughs there! :laughing:

St Helens is a shit-hole. Seriously. Nice ‘little’ venue though. Seen Fish there during the FishHeads tour, and Ian McNabb several times.


We all know he’s a dick onstage sometimes ( anyone who saw the co headline tour he did with Fish knows that), but his singing voice was unbelievable and yes with what went off between Joe and Glen in the past, but I’m glad they patched up their differences and got the band back together because live the band were imo incredible.


Not planning on seeing much of St Helens mate!
Just a pub near the venue :wink::beers:


There’s a big Wetherspoons within staggering distance.


Yup, looking forward to the DVD from the show


I was surprised there was no merchandise available??? Easy money to be made I would’ve thought. :wink:


Always thought that but doubt it could happen with Glenn’s oversized ego…
But the man’s a legend! Love his stage performance.
And his voice?OMG one of the best voices of rock’n’roll! In my book.


Thunder managed it with their one off show there. There was a tout selling t shirts outside