Some gigs coming up


Great voice live :heart_eyes:


Asaf Avidan tomorrow night, Israeli singer with his guitar. 15 min from home.


I’m going to the Manchester gig in the UK in September. :metal::+1:


Public Service Broadcasting in October at one of their five ‘thank you Wales’ set of dates. All in smaller venues, and being used as warm ups for their Royal Albert Hall gig.


Most excellent! Loved it. What a talented chap. Absolutely loved it.


I didn’t realize Download was this weekend. Is it usually this early in the summer? It’s 30 years since I last went to Donington. Iron Maiden in 1988. I remember traveling up from Oxford in the back of an old Transit work van. No seats, just 8 of us crowded in the back, sat on the plywood floor! Stupid when I think back. Amazing day despite the conditions. Wasn’t aware of the tragedy that occurred until after I got home the next day.


I was there for that. Right down the front in the Guns 'n Roses crush.

Went to all Monsters Of Rock between 1983 and 1994. Then had a big break before going back as a one off in 2012.

Just like yourself - always got there in the back of a overfull transit van. Better then as well. Just roll up in a van, park anywhere, and get your music, fire and drinking sorted right next to the van. No need for official car parks and hauling your beer and tents for miles to an overcrowded camping site, as is done these days.

From the people who are still alive in the photo below, i’d guess around 1985 or 1986.


Love it! A ‘uniform’ of denim and white Hi-Tec boots. :+1: Teenage memories right there!


My son has taken over from me. He’s been there the last 5 years or so.


Better off with the Deep Purple just now imho


Deep Purple are touring North America with Judas Priest this summer. I looked at getting a ticket but I saw both on their last tours back in 2015, so decided to give it a miss. Prices are crazy now. VIP, platinum, diamond, gold tickets etc costing hundreds. Glenn Hughes … $30 … bargain!


Brother Firetribe tomorrow and the Rolling Stones in Cardiff on Friday


Fun fact: the name of this Finnish band is a direct translation of a former Finnish tennis player’s name who is Veli Paloheimo. :smile:



Are they a one trick pony? Can they carry it through the “difficult” 2nd album? Will we even remember them in five years time?


Dad points being earned tonight -

Demi Lovato at SSE Hydro, Glasgow, tonight 13th June.



The review is up in last gig


Just got a couple of tickets in presale for Greta Van Fleet at Birmingham.


Andy, see you there!


The hottest ticket in town :wink: