Some gigs coming up


Through past experience Rab when ive bought from see tickets they don’t normally arrive until a few weeks before.
I think Leamington was bought through ticket web but I’m pissed now after gig and probably talking shite.

Rose Tattoo and Girlschool were both brilliant though in a very sweaty academy 2 venue in Birmingham , much prefered to the lavishly Royal Albert Hall 2 nights ago :wink:



Bigger isn’t always better. That’s what I always tell myself. :blush:


Speak for yourself m8 :wink:


Bought mine back on day of release bk in March. Will be phoning them today.


Total waste of time feckin stupid multiple choice answering options and not one where I can speak to someone to see if my tickets have been dispatched feckin useless pile of shit of a company never will I use them again.


Some of these companies get on my tits, with their late posting. What they never take into consideration is that punters have to make travel and other arrangements based on the assumption that the ticket is in the bag and will arrive in time.



Well worth seeing the latest album is :fire:


Andy, I must have been about three rows behind you!

My mate (Andy) who was in the disabled bit hated both bands! Read his review on maximum volume; it’s very bland which is his way of not slagging it off


I’ve got an eventbrite eticket for Lemmers, check that yours aren’t the same


So after many email exchanges, calls, waiting time which has probably cost me a fortune?! I finally got tickets sorted for Fish @ Leamington. :+1::beers:


They never sent me the email to print tickets off Keith, they have now .


5 sleeps peeps! Fish - Queens Hall Edinburgh 22/09/18.:grinning:


Glad you’re sorted mate, but gutted I won’t be going to Lemmers now! I was geared up for it. Booked a room at the Regent and got train tickets, but a big issue with work has cropped up. Would have needed to pull a sickie on the night, which I was quite prepared to do, but I’ve since found out from a colleague at work who has had an attendance issue that you are only permitted 3 single days within a 6 month period before they take disciplinary action. Having already been off a couple of times since June, I’m not prepared to take the risk. I’ve given my gig ticket to my sister-in-laws dad who is a big Fish fan. He’s going instead. Genuinely sorry to miss the gig and meet-up.


Shame that, oh well maybe catch up on the farewell tour :wink:


I hope so Andy! I need to start planning things earlier and actually booking these nights off as holidays.


Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh.
See you there, Lawrie & Co.


Fish tomorrow in Leamington, looks like it will be an early finish though, they have a freshers event starting at 10.30


Don’t mind so much on a school night !


Disappointed I can’t be there guys. Have a good one tomorrow!


I did ask the venue for a guess at stage times but they haven’t replied. Yet.