Some gigs coming up


CU at the O2 Academy!


Shame, I was hoping to hear if Silke had improved on her Dundee language course after last time.:smile:


First download acts


Would love to see Tool but not sure i want to pay £200 for them. I know i’d enjoy the weekend and some of the other bands but not convinced about this.


Just bought tickets to see Jimmy Carr (comedian) - March 2020 !!!


Just bought 2 for Jimmy Carr for my daughter and partner in May


Following the comedy theme we go to see Irish comedian Jason Byrne in Dunfermline tonight.



Even though Paul Stanleys voice is shot these days, i’m tempted to see them one last time.


That’s why I’m going, pricey though £76 with fees and I see there’s no Welsh dates for you again


The Sheepdogs @ The Actress & Bishop tomorrow night


Kiss in Birmingham next July.


Kiss in Glasgow next July - family outing.

Cannae wait. For all the "cerebral " music I listen to, you still cannae whack a full on Rock n` Roll show.


Kiss in Birmingham in July


Halestorm in November
Greta Van Fleet in December
KISS in March
Blaze Bayley in May


I really can’t get excited about spending £70 on Kiss


I saw them in 2012 and 2014 (only other time was in 1988 at Donington). I must admit I was hesitant to spend the money again but I caved. For pure entertainment value they are hard to beat.

(Secretly I am hoping that Ace Frehley puts in a guest appearance!)


^ best quote of the week :joy:


Mr Punch, Stillmarillion both in November
Ozzy/Judas Priest- February
Kiss- July


Slayer / Anthrax / Lamb Of God - tonight in Cardiff.