Some gigs coming up



This one is for Paul & Lawrie


Only 34 sleeps til the Glasgow get together! :crazy_face::beers::metal::tropical_fish:


Blackberry Smoke tomorrow night


Lifesigns tonight.


Steven Wilson in Rennes,Brittany in January




Andy, I’ll be there, might review it but as it’s had very mixed reviews elsewhere I might not!!


Focus - Church, Dundee 21st November


Looking at the setlist I can see why its had mixed reviews :roll_eyes::thinking:


The UK reviews have not been kind! I think the audience here (in US) is much more forgiving for their obvious Zeppelin sound.


Manowar coming to Birmingham Academy in April, £102 a ticket - no chance!


Ffs thats taking the piss !!!
Who’d pay that to see a chest wig :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Not even me :face_with_monocle:


Having never seen them , I’m going with an open mind but 11 songs and 2 covers ffs.


Don’t know if anyone here is familiar with Kingston Wall which operated in 90’s, until its troubled singer and guitarist Petri Walli jumped from roof of a church. He would have turned 50 next year, and to honor that, the surviving members with Von Hertzen Brothers are having a small tour and I just bought a ticket to their gig in Oulu next March. Most of the shows are sold out already.



Bad Touch tonight at Robin2


More Download bands announced including

Smashing Pumpkins
Lamb Of God
Dream Theater
Blackberry Smoke
Eagles Of Death Metal




Glasgow is now sold out
23 more sleeps, unless you’re like me who likes an old mans nap in the afternoon, then its a few more ! :wink: