Some gigs coming up


I had got Ozzy and Judas Priest coming up next weekend but its been postponed till September, just watch it fall on my wife’s 50th :thinking::blush:


Tonight Dad and his lad are off to Edinburgh -

An Evening with Brian Fallon at the Usher Hall.:smiley:


How was it, Lawrie?
When I saw the name of the tour, I decided to give it a miss:


We bought tickets to a music festival in Paris, 23rd of August.

Arrow pointing at the main reason in the picture below. :wink:




Haken / VOLA / Bent Knee in Bristol


The Struts on Sunday



Just bought tickets for The Alarm in August. Third year in a row! :+1:

Edit : Full list of bands playing …


Andy my first gig was Magnum supporting BOC at the Brighton Centre November 79! Never seen BOC since, but Magnum loads!!


Would really like to see them. I’ve seen Mike Peters do an acoustic set with Ian McNabb, but never with the Alarm.


The Alarm are in my top three favourite bands (Fish era Marillion and Iron Maiden being the other two).

Considering Mike Peters is the only original member left you could argue that the band today is really just a solo project performing Alarm music. But being the singer also makes him the most identifiable member of the band. The songs sound the same, even if the musicians are not. On top of that he still performs and sings with so much energy, the same as he did when I saw the original lineup a few times back in the 80’s.


And he’s a red, top bloke :wink::+1::yemen:


Nobody’s perfect.


Just been bought tickets for Alice Cooper at Birmingham in October


Just noticed that Magnum are playing Warrington Parr Hall, June 13th. This is a possibility.


Me too!
Alice Cooper and Halestorm in July.


We have the Stranglers rather than Halestorm


This coming Wednesday…

“You gotta lose your mind in Detroit, Rock City”



UFO at Birmingham Town Hall. Farewell to Phil. I hate sitting for gigs. :frowning:


Next Saturday a gig by the remaining members of late Kingston Wall with Von Hertzen Brothers on guitar and vocals. The tour is celebrating the original song writer / guitarist / vocalist Petri Walli’s 50th birthday. He took his own life 1995 and the band hasn’t performed ever since until now.