Some gigs coming up



I am " getting down with the kids " tonight. Off to Glasgow to see Panic At The Disco.
Wish me luck!


Was it good?


Excellent mate, and the support band O.R.K were really good as well.
I bought their latest cd, A band Steve on here would like I guess.


Stillmarillion tonight in Stoke , they’re moving on from just Fish era and now adding tracks from Season’s End


“GRENDEL!!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They played Grendel last time I saw 'em.


Bought tickets to see Joanne Shaw Taylor in May on her US tour.


She is excellent live Mike :+1:



  • Aaron Brooks & Abel Ganz

Tonight at the Robin2 Bilston


One off the bucket list … Pat Benatar in July. Third time I’ve bought tickets to see her in concert in recent years, the first two times were either cancelled or missed due to unforeseen circumstances at home. Hopefully this will be third time lucky :crossed_fingers:



Looks like it will be next year now …


I saw :confused:,2020 now , somebody is sitting on a whole lot of interest from all these ticket sales will be nearly 2 years worth by the time the Uk dates happen - getting to the point where Sharon should let him retire instead of putting him through touring in his 70’s ,she must have enough in the botox fund by now :thinking:


I agree. Just retire. Not as if he needs the money.


Off to see the great Doug Aldrich in a pub in Moseley!


Ville Valo (of HIM) & Agents tonight in Oulu Arena.


A night at the Robin tonight with the Deep Purple family tree , tributes to Deep Purple ,Rainbow and Whitesnake


I liked the look of that, but with the footy Tuesday and a gig Wednesday and Thursday it was too much.
Have a good night Ian.