Steve Vantsis' Tilt album "Hinterland" Pre-order available through Kickstarter


Hey ho all.

Just thought I’d let you know that Fish’s co-writer and bassist has set up a Kickstarter campaign for the new Tilt album that he’s releasing.

If you check out the line-up there are a few Fishy links there as well as Misplaced Childhood’s Chris Kimsey being involed. The site says that the album is complete - it just needs mixing mastering baking before being released next year.

Details of what you can pre-order are on the actual Kickstarter site

Tilt's "No Superman" EP now "Pay What You Want"
Happy birthday Steve Vantsis and Robin Boult

Backed and pre-ordered :smiley:


Pledged :wink: !



Preview sounds very interessting!


Pre ordered!


Happy Birthday to Gavin! I wish you a great gig this evening in Karlsruhe!