Steven Wilson:Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour - more dates




Et pas de date à Nice :frowning:


Found out today that for my birthday present the wife had bought tickets for the London Royal Albert Hall gig (28/9/15) a venue I said i’d always like to have attended. I can’t wait :smiley:


and more dates :wink:



More dates for 2016 announced :-


I’ll just miss you. I’m there on the 29th for the second night.


one date in Paris on the 1st of February…I have to think about it



I saw that. Unfortunately it’s on a monday so I can’t travel :frowning:


Take your tuesday off isabelle so we can finally meet :wink:



Looks like a few older songs will be getting a play for SW new dates :-


Steven Wilson has announced on a radio interview that one night of the Royal Albert Hall gigs would be the ‘Hand Cannot Erase’ night. No indication of what will be played on the other.

I guess some who want to hear the ‘Hand’ songs may be a little disappointed.


Got my ticket for Lille
Track 3 and 10 on the album are just… sticky… :neutral_face:


Hopefully as he’s playing quite alot of gigs prior, we’ll get an idea of the set.
I suppose if you’re lucky enough to be goin on both nights you’ll be quids in .


I know which night is which but didn’t post it in case others didn’t want to know - though i’m sure a quick internet search would get the info.




Latest setlist :-


Hope it’s not all sold on the Monday night as i’m attending on the Tuesday.




Looking like ‘No Twighlight’ will open the set on the 2nd night at Royal Albert Hall.


Monday and Tuesdays setlists :-