Steven Wilson - To The Bone


There’s a presale tomorrow for mailing list members. Don’t tell everyone though - I want a good seat !!!


Well that didn’t go to plan. 30 seconds after 10am and all tickets gone. Hopefully this is just the SeeTickets ‘pre-sale’ allocation, and more will be available on Friday.


I tried for Birmingham but no joy either !!


I’ve got a couple for Cardiff, but really want Royal Albert Hall as my missus has always wanted to go there, and we were saying recently that we’ve not had a London trip for a while.


I want to go to the RAH too :pensive::sob:


And generally better music😎


I did think of you when he gave the Double D comment.

You’re not tempted to see him in Belfast then ?

I think Andy Staniland is over in Belfast in September to see Anathema.


Yeh…most likely Keith and I will make the gig:)


Royal Albert Hall tickets booked.


Video for Pariah





Just been watching ‘Song Of I’. Steven Wilson has turned into Prince and i don’t think i like it.


Don’t like it much too…waiting to have the whole album but apart for Pariah,the other two are weird ihmo








I think the popier songs will blend in ok with the album once you hear it all together (as long as the track sequence works) ?
Looking forward to this album alot now.


It has leaked…but I didn’t load anything